Mid-Week Gathering
Lenten Program -
Stations of the Cross: Mass Incarceration

A millennium and a half ago, John Chrysostom was able to provide practical tips for how Christians should care for prisoners: bring them food, sing hymns with them, and (my favorite) bribe the guards into being kinder to prisoners.
Today it’s not so easy to come up with practical suggestions for how Christians can care for prisoners. Stations of the Cross: Mass Incarceration is an attempt for Christians to engage in prayerful reflection and study of the issue.
The Stations of the Cross are a Lenten devotion meant to ground viewers in the story of Jesus’s death, the Passion narrative. It is the story of the execution by empire of a political dissident and it is at the very heart of the Christian faith. Stations of the Cross: Mass Incarceration combines images from the history of mass incarceration in America with those of the last day of Jesus’s life.

One of the most popular and beloved events at First Baptist JP 

Our mid-week gathering is a chance for everyone to gather around the dinner table, share a meal, have a conversation, catch up with friends, and decompress from whatever life has thrown them. 

The meal is free, and prepared by a rotating cast of volunteer chefs (all of whom are passionate about providing a nutritious and delicious dinner). Frequently we're singing happy birthday to someone, welcoming in new visitors, or wrapping up "to-go" plates for folks who couldn't make it out.

It's a chance for everyone to "come as they are" - stressed, messy, dragging children along - just like a real family!

6pm - Dinner 
7pm - Adult discussion group in the Community Room
7pm - Kids "Music and Mission" program in Classroom 2

We are a Christian community of many cultures, one faith!