Taking it to the Next Level

Taking it to the Next Level:

Progress is underway in our mini - campaign to fund additionl restoration to the second floor of our building, which isnecessary for for us to obtain an occupancy permit allowing use by the public.
We need to raise a total of $400,000, which is slated to cover a number of repairs including:
- construction of an elevator for handicap access
- demo and rebuilding of the main stairs
- two bathrooms
- and an upgraded heating and cooling system

Once we have these we can begin to fully use the approximately 7,000 square feet of space, and rent it to other organizations in the community.

 The Matching Grant Offer
One of our donors has generously offered to  match every donation  of $5000 received  by the  church, up to $100,000, but only when the donation is received. Help us match all the way!  Donate today!
If you can’t contribute $5000 yourself:
· Find 5 friends willing to contribute $1000 each
· Find 10 friends willing to contribute $500 each
Other things YOU can do to help: 
· Visit our Web site often to find out about more fundraising opportunities
· Like our page on Facebook!  Post about the campaign on our page and on your own.
· Share our story with friends and family!