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Draw the Circle Wide

" that your love may overflow more and more…"
Philippians 1:9    
In autumn we start to think about hunkering down for the winter.  Leaves are falling, the chill in the air is invigorating, and many New Englanders are nearly ready to close themselves from the outside world and watch the snow fall. This, however, isn’t what happens at The First Baptist Church of Jamaica Plain.  Autumn is the time when we gather together with renewed spirits ready to continue our various activities – all those ministries that identify who we are as children of God in this congregation, in the community of Jamaica Plain, and in the world.
Members of our Stewardship Committee first want to thank you for your continued generosity.  We are grateful for your commitment.  The pledges and gifts given to support the ministry of our congregation show that you have dedicated yourself to our on-going efforts to be faithful witnesses for Jesus Christ.  Isn’t it amazing how much joy we receive when we share with others?  Crossroads, First Friday, our Wednesday community dinner and all our programs, couldn’t happen without your financial and volunteer support.
As people join the church we hear stories of how they came and how much the ministries here have widened the circles of their lives.  It is clear to many that this small group of people have a vision to feed people both physically and spiritually and to be a life-changing presence in the world.  Each one recognizes how gifts of our finances, our time, and our talents empower the ministries to take place. If you attended our congregational meeting recently, you heard that our financial situation is somewhat precarious.  And yet we have an immense vision that, with your increased financial support, can come to fruition.  You may think that your offering is only a small pebble dropped in a large pond, but the ripples widen by small increments then wider ones until the pond is filled with movement.  Let us all make whatever contribution we can, knowing that every drop counts.  We do not want to limit our ministry, but allow it to expand.
Giving does not simply happen; it is the result of faith, trust, intentional choices, and a life of discipline.  The form is enclosed and has suggested amounts of percentage giving based on your income.  There is also a list of opportunities for ministry which you can volunteer your time and talents.  If what you would like to do is not listed, feel free to write it in. We will collect these pledges on Sunday, November 15th in the worship service (or you can mail it in.) It is indeed the time to say, “This is my church family and it is an ultimate priority.  It is where I receive my spiritual nourishment.  It is the place where I am challenged to live beyond the voices of culture and into a free life of faith.  So I do choose to add my contribution and like a pebble in a pond it will widen the circle of influence this church family makes in the world.”. 
We are a congregation of big-hearted people.  Let us continue to give liberally so that God’s inclusive love might be shared and our world transformed.
Joyce Morin, Stewardship Chair & Ashlee Wiest-Laird, Pastor
2016 Pledge Form
We are a Christian community of many cultures, one faith!