FBCJP is a place where you can feel at home as you are even as you are challenged to think about God and God's world in new ways.  It is a place of authentic and transforming friendship and community.  We go deep. We have fun. It is a place where God's love is experienced and shared in conversation, in prayer, in worship, in action, as we gather over meals, and in study together.  It is a place the Spirit moves.  It is a place to journey alongside others who have answered Jesus' call to "come and follow".  We work to be a community where all are not only welcome, but all are absolutely essential.  It is a place we are fed, nourished, formed, and strengthened as we seek to live  "Your kin-dom come". 
-Kathryn House
This church is about loving and respecting all individuals through Christ Jesus.  I am honored to be a part of such a wonderful congregation.  It's been a long time coming for me and I am at peace today because of the love of God and my First Baptist Church family.
-Frank Dawkins
If you are feeling alone and do not understand or find God's love. Come and visit us.I have been part of this Church-- full of spiritual joy and peace. Come and experience God's presence.
-Quinin Velez Rivera


I hadn't been involved in a church for five years when I came to First Baptist Church, JP.  I wanted a church that presented a traditional theology but was also committed to inclusiveness in the congregation and leadership.  Within a short time of being in this community, I knew this was it--I was home!

-Bob Fischer