On January 18, 2005, the first Baptist church in Jamaica Plain was destroyed by fire. With a suddenness that is difficult to comprehend, we lost our historic, civil war era house of worship, a nationally treasured E&GG Hook organ, and one of the community's beacons of faith.

In May 2008 we 'broke ground' on our new building. Working with the Office of Michael Rosenfeld, architects and Marc Truant Construction, we completed phase one of our project and moved into the first floor of the building in January 2010. 

While the second level is still unfinished, we continue to move forward on faith, knowing that we will complete the upstairs in the near future.  Most recently we initiated a mini-campaign to raise the approximately $400,000 we would need to make enough improvements to have occupancy of the second level.  This would open the approximately 7,000 square feet up for everyday use and rental to community groups, thought it would not finish it out as a completely renewed sanctuary.  Read more about the mini-campaign here!
We are a Christian community of many cultures, one faith!