In August of 1842 the First Baptist Church in Jamaica Plain was founded at the corner of Centre Street and Starr Lane.  Early on the church gave it's support to the Northern Baptists who stood against the pro-slavery position of their southern counterparts.  When the first building burned in 1856, the congregation decided to rebuild across the street on the corner of Centre and Myrtle.  The English gothic structure, finished in 1859, became home to a committed Christian community that served both God and neighbor.  It was also known as home to an historic Hook Brothers organ.  In 1892 the growing church added a parsonage next door to the main building to provide a home for the church's pastor and family.  The beautiful victorian house still serves this function and has recently had an exterior renovation that makes it look like new. 

The church thrived in the first half of the 20th century under the leadership of notable pastors such as Rev. Walter Calley, Rev. Frederick Heath and Rev. V. Broderick.  First Baptist reached peak membership of 592 persons in 1926.  In 1958 the Rev. Arnold "Bud" Hawkins, Jr. was called as pastor.  His tenure of 41 years marks the longest serving pastor in FBCJP history.  In 1975 the church suffered a second fire  which damaged the sanctuary.  Members raised the money needed to repair the building, out of which was born a thrift shop that became famous around the neighborhood and kept the church open to the community.  In 2003 FBC called Rev. Ashlee Wiest-Laird as a redevelopment pastor.   Despite another fire in 2005 that completely destroyed the interior of our church home, the congregation began to grow again.  In 2010, we moved into the first floor of our renewed building and continue to reach out to our community with good news.